Martial Arts

tai-chi tai-chi
Learn self-defense techniques from around the world in our martial arts classes. These classes are fun, educational, and provide full-body workouts.
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Learn the martial art from China that has been practiced for centuries and is famous worldwide for its profound benefits in physical and mental health and longevity. The Taiji principles and theory that will be covered over the course include breathing methods, still standing meditation and stationary postures to build strength, endurance, improve balance and stimulate Chi circulation.

Every Sunday @ 4pm 

Session 1 Registration
Monday, August 28 - Monday, September 11

Session 1 Free Week
Tuesday, September 5 - Monday, September 11

Session 1 begins Sunday, September 10


Session 2 Registration
Monday, October 30 - Saturday, November 11

Session 2 Free Week
Sunday, November 5 - Saturday, November 11

Session 2 begins Sunday, November 5*

*No class Sunday, November 26


UM Student Member: $45  Member: $55    Non-Member: $75