SHAPE-UP is an incentive program designed to encourage the development of a healthy lifestyle through participation in fitness and wellness programs. Full-time and regular part-time UM faculty and staff are eligible to earn a 20% rebate on the cost of a Herbert Wellness Center membership.

I hear that I am able to earn a 20% rebate on my membership if I participate in SHAPE-UP. What do I have to do?
Just earn 10 SHAPE-UP points within a calendar month, and you will receive a 20% rebate on your membership fees. 
How do I earn a SHAPE-UP point?
Simply check-in to the Herbert Wellness Center or UHealth Fitness & Wellness Center to earn a point. There is no need for you to record your workout; once you’ve checked in, we have your visit recorded. Workouts performed outside the building do not count towards SHAPE-UP points but can be applied to Well ‘Canes (see below). Missed check-ins are handled on a case by case basis.
Do I have to be working out with weights or on machines in the fitness room to obtain points?
No. Any type of physical activity counts - that may be aerobics, walking, yoga, water exercise,  lap swimming, basketball, racquetball, etc.
Can I obtain more than one point on one day?
No. You can only obtain one point each day.
I am planning on becoming a member at the Herbert Wellness Center, however, I also want to work out at the UHealth Fitness & Wellness Center. Will those workouts be counted toward my SHAPE-UP point total?
Yes. The two facilities are using a linked membership program, so checking in to one facility or the other all adds to your point total.
When will I receive my rebate?
If you have earned the required 10 points within a calendar month, the rebate is deposited directly into your paycheck of the following month. Funding for SHAPE-UP is provided University of Miami Benefits Administration.
Do I have to register/enroll for the program?
All UM faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in the SHAPE-UP program.
What’s the difference between Well ‘Canes and SHAPE-UP?

SHAPE-UP is a program exclusive to members of the Herbert Wellness Center and the UHealth Fitness & Wellness Center. Regardless of health insurance provider, all employees who are members of either facility are eligible to participate. However, dependents of those employees must have University-sponsored healthy insurance to participate in SHAPE-UP.

Well ‘Canes, coordinated by University of Miami Benefits Administration, is open to all University of Miami employees who have University-sponsored health insurance.