dance dance
Add some variety to your exercise program with our dance classes. These classes place special emphasis on using traditional and modern dance moves that provide a full-body workout.

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We are not offering Dance classes this semester. Please check later for updates! 


Although it sounds ancient, Tribal is the newest style of Belly Dance. An eclectic style, drawing on influences from the Middle East, Spanish Flamenco, Indian Dance, and Western Theatrics, this class will challenge students' technique and push them to find new ways of expressing themselves through dance in a warm, supportive environment. Prerequistite: Belly Dance Basics or Instructor Approval

UM Student Member: $75  Member: $99  Non-Member: $150



This class delves deeper into the art and history of Belly Dance. We will explore new rhythms, folkloric styles, and advance our technique to better interpret more challenging Middle Eastern songs. Get ready to push your dancing to the next level while exploring other cultures through music and movement. Prerequistite: Belly Dance Basics or Instructor Approval 

UM Student Member: $75  Member: $99  Non-Member: $150



Set to fun, high-energy music, this class will feature technique drills that culminate in an easy-to-remember choreography to help students keep practicing throughout the week! The goal is provide tools for growth in your dancing while having fun along the way! Prerequistite: Bellydance Basics or can be taken in conjunction with Belly Dance Basics

UM Student Member: $75  Member: $99  Non-Member: $150


New to Belly Dance? Start here! This class lays the foundation for every style of Belly Dance. Everyone can take it. You don't need experience. You don't need to be a dancer. All of the basic movements of Belly Dance will be broken down step-by-step in a fun, supportive environment. Shimmies, hip drops, snake arms, beautiful veil work - Prepare to get hooked!

UM Student Member: $75  Member: $99  Non-Member: $150