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The Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center hosts a wide variety of fitness and wellness classes to satisfy the needs of both members and non-members.
For additional information about any of our classes, programs or services, please call the Wellness Suite at 305-284-5433.
Knowing how to swim is an important life skill for both children and adults to have, especially in South Florida. We offer a variety of aquatics classes for chidlren and adults of all skill levels.
Our instructional kitchen provides a classrooms setting for a variety of hands-on cooking classes tought be experienced professional chefs.

The Herbert Wellness Center operates as a satellite center of the University of Miami’s Center for Research in Medical Education. The emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) courses offered by the Herbert Wellness Center are conducted in affiliation with the American Heart Association.

Add some variety to your exercise program with our dance classes. These classes place special emphasis on using traditional and modern dance moves that provide a full-body workout.

Whether you are just starting an exercise routine or you are an avid exerciser looking for a challenge, the Herbert Wellness Center offers a wide variety of group exercise classes to keep you engaged and help you meet your wellness needs. 
Living Independently Through Fitness and Exercise (L.I.F.E.) is a program specially designed for individuals sixty-five years of age or older. With improved strength and flexibility, activities of daily living are more easily accomplished.

Learn self-defense techniques from aroudn the world in our martial arts classes. These classes are fun, educational, and provide full-body workouts.
The Herbert Wellness Center offers meditation classes to students, faculty and staff, and community members. Relax and unwind as you learn to meditate. Meditation sessions are offered for free by Sri Chinmoy Centres International, and mindulness workshops are tought in collaboation with UMindfulness.

Group and private reformer Piltes classes are taught using Peak Piltes MVe reformer and tower systems. These classes focus on building core strength and edurance, increasing flexibility, improving muscle tone, and enhancing concentration.

Studio Cycling is an indoor cycling class that provides an intense cardiovascular workout set to music. The studio features 25 Star Trac Spinner NXT bikes.

Whether you are new to the sport or are looking to improve and refine your game, we have the class to fit your needs.
The yoga program offers a convenient schedule with a variety of yoga styles included.