Fitness & Well-Being

For additional information about any of our classes, programs, or services at the University of Miami Department of Wellness & Recreation, please call the Sales Office at 305-284-5433.
Personal trainers at the Herbert Wellness Center are University of Miami students, typically earning degrees in an exercise related field such as exercise science, exercise physiology, sports medicine, or physical therapy.
CHAMP is the Department of Wellness and Recreation's free comprehensive fitness assessment and education program for UM students.

The Fitness Laboratory is a state-of-the-art lab designed to assess the physiological effects of exercise on the human body. The lab provides testing, other assessments, and a consultation with a certified exercise physiologist

The Herbert Wellness Center offers massage appointments with licensed massage therapists to students, faculty and staff, and community members.

Meditation classes are available for students, faculty and staff, and community members. Relax and unwind as you learn to meditate. Meditation sessions are offered for free by Sri Chinmoy Centres International, and mindulness workshops are taught in collaboration with UMindfulness.