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Climbing Wall with Holds Climbing Wall with Holds

The Outdoor Adventures bouldering league is a fun way to build community, improve your climbing, and learn from other climbers. This team based multi-week league competition will have 4 divisions for climbers of all ability levels. Scoring is done based on divisions so there a level playing field or wall. 

Climbers can climb on any boulder in the gym and on any night of the week. Be sure to read the scoring and other rules so you and your team can produce a winning strategy. 

Scores Through Week 1

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Week 1: March 15-21

Week 2: March 22-28

Week 3: March 29-April 4

Week 4: April 5-11

Week 5: April 12-18

Week 6: April 19-25




1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams

Bouldering League

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  • League Rules

    1. Teams are 3 person teams. Teams can have climbers in different divisions.
    2. Scores are determined by the 3 highest scoring problems you complete each week.
    3. Points are awarded based on our division-handicap system.
    4. No points are awarded for climbing problems below your division bracket.
    5. 30 points are awarded per problem for climbing problems above your division bracket (limited to two outlier problems per season per team member).
    6. Each attempt after the flash go results in a 10%-point deduction to the score of that problem.
    7. A problem can only be counted once for the duration of the league.
    8. Team scores are determined by the cumulative team member’s scores per week.
    9. Team scores for the league are the combined totals for each team member.

  • Bouldering Rules

    1. Points are earned by completing a problem from start to finish.
      1. Must control final holds or have both hands and control in a finish box on the wall. (3 seconds)
    2. No “flying starts.” You must control the start hold(s) before moving to the next hold. (3 seconds)
    3. If you use a hold or feature that is “off-route” no points will be awarded.
    4. Attempts must be witnessed by 2 people. Witnesses don’t have to be on your team & Outdoor Adventures staff team count as witnesses.

  • Scoring

    Teams then use the table below to collect points.

    Climbing any problem below your division earns you zero points. To encourage you to try hard, you can climb problems above your division to earn a possible 30 points. You will be limited to two outlier problems per season.

    During your league sessions, you will be recording attempts for each problem you try. The number of attempts will affect your total score. For each attempt after your first, you deduct 10% points from the total value of the boulder if you send.

    All problems are included in league scoring.

    Division Grades
    Ibis V0 V1 V2 V3
    Mangrove V1 V2 V3 V4
    Reef V2 V3 V4 V5
    Key V3 V4 V5 V6
    Points 10 20 30 40