Personal Trainers


Alex Rodriguez


Alex, from San Jose, California, is a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer, NSCA-CSCS Certified, and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. He has a B.S. in Athletic Training and is currently a Doctor of Physical Therapy student. He specializes in injury prevention, bodybuilding, weight loss, and resistance training. His fitness journey began when he purchased his first gym membership at 16 years old. He grew up feeling skinny most of his life, and found inspiration in bodybuilding to get stronger and improve his self-confidence. Over the years he has found satisfaction helping others with personal fitness goals. A fun fact about Alex is he has competed in two bodybuilding competitions. His favorite exercise is the back squat.

Austin PT


Austin, from McAlester, Oklahoma, is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. He has a B.S. in Kinesiology and is working towards a Applied Physiology. Having always been around sports and active his whole life, Austin loves working out and wants to help others achieve their health and fitness aspirations. He specializes in sport-specific training, weight loss, hypertrophy training, strength and conditioning, and endurance training, and his favorite exercise is the back squat.


Devarsh, from Mumbai, India, is a NCSF CPT certified personal trainer pursuing a BSHS in Health Science, Biology, Biochemistry and Nutrition. He became interested in fitness due to his future career path in medicine. He feels that physicians often forget the importance of preventative medicine; his fitness journey began as a way of gaining the experience necessary to improve his patient's outcomes in the future by not just treating them for symptoms but also helping them lead a healthier lifestyle. Devarsh's training specialties are weight loss, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding/hypertrophy training, and goal-oriented programming and nutritional recommendation, with his favorite being deadlift. In his free time, Devarsh is studying basic science and working on clinical research, event programming, writing, partaking in community outreach programs, and working on his fitness. 


Isabella, from Waltham, Massachusetts, is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer with a Red Cross CPR/AED Certification. She got interested in fitness because she's always had a passion for health science and the human body. Growing up dancing, she learned technical movements and how to stretch and train the muscles of the body. Her favorite exercise is running stairs and sprints at Harvard Stadium or whatever staircase she can find.Her specialties include strength/conditioning, plyometric training, and circuit training.


John, from Brighton, Michigan, is an AHA basic life support, first aid, CPR, NASM certified personal trainer pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. John became interested in fitness because when he was younger he was obese and thanks to the help of some amazing people, he was able to lose the weight and fell in love with exercise. His training specialties are weight loss and strength and conditioning, with his favorite exercise being any pull exercise. In his free time, John enjoys computers, swimming, hiking, and weight lifting. 

Olivia PT


Olivia, from Miami, Florida, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer pursuing a B.S. in Marketing and Finance. Her interest in fitness began from a young age through her career as a competitive gymnast. After taking on virtual school to train full time, she retired from the sport because of an injury. A few years of sporadic exercise passed before she decided to get back into shape and retake control of her health. Finding what worked for her helped her feel her best and she wants to help others do the same so they could live their lives to the fullest.Her favorite exercises are hip thrusts and deadlifts, and she specializes in weight loss, hypertrophy training, strength and conditioning, and functional fitness.


Rachel, from Albuquerque, NM, is an ACE certified personal trainer pursuing a B.A. in Journalism. She became interested in fitness through sports, having played both volleyball and soccer in high school. As an athlete, fitness was always a big part of her life but she didn't start pursuing it until her freshman year of college. She realized she wanted a way to still challenge and honor her body, so now finds new ways to do so at the squat rack. Rachel's training specialties are bodybuilding/hypertrophy training and weight loss, with her favorite exercise being a sumo deadlift. In her free time, Rachel is writing for The Miami Hurricane, reading in the sun, finding every excuse to be outside or cooking up some state of the art peanut butter protein oatmeal. 


Rebecca, from Rocky Point, New York, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer pursuing a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. She became serious about fitness after she took her first nutrition course. Her training Specialties are weight loss, functional fitness, and strength and conditioning and her favorrite exercise is preacherr curls. In her free time, Rebecca likes to find new restaurants, enjoy the beach, travel and exercise.


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the edge of the Santa Cruz mountains, Stephen says that outdoor activities, athletics and his own movement practice have been a main driving force in his life. He believes that cultivating your own movement practice is the key to staying sharp both physically and mentally. A NSCA-CSCS Certified Perosnal Trainer, Stephen's goal is to use functional fitness to create a personalized routine that is designed to supplement your daily activities and create a movement practice that fits you. He prefers to combine mobility, core and functional training to encourage safe and effective movement before challenging you with strength and circuit training that uses any combination of kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight and sports-specific movement. Stephen graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior, and is currently working towards his DPT. He has worked in the Healthcare & Wellness industry since 2015 as an exercise instructor in rehabilitation, group fitness, return to sport, and one on one strength and conditioning training.


Tim, from Portland, Oregon, is a CSCS, USAW, XPS, CFSC, FRCms, FMS certified personal trainer pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He first got into fitness through a strength training class in high school and became further interested when seeing the direct carryover from the weight room to his performance on the field/track. His specialties include strength and conditioning, functional fitness, and corrective exercise, with his favorite exercise being a pull-up. In his free time, Tim enjoys surfing, traveling/exploring, eating good food, reading, watching the Trailblazers/Seahawks, and winning IM championships.