Student Membership

Enjoy the benefits of staying healthy with the Herbert Wellness Center as you attend the University of Miami.

Membership Fees

Full-time undergraduate, graduate, and day law students are assessed a $169 Herbert Wellness Center fee per semester. Part-time students may purchase a membership to the Herbert Wellness Center for $169 per semester.

Medical and graduate students at the Miller School of Medicine are assessed a fee by the UHealth Fitness & Wellness Center.

Additional Services

Locker Rental (including Florida sales tax) $8
Towel Service (including Florida sales tax) $22/semester
Daily Locker Free

All rates listed above are on a per-month basis.

Summer Membership

Students enrolled in summer classes may add the wellness fee to their account via CaneLink or purchase a membership in the Sales Office. Students not enrolled in summer classes, but continuing in the fall semester, may purchase a summer membership in the Sales Office.