Climbing League

The Outdoor Adventures Climbing League will encourage new participants to experience climbing for the first time and will reward dedication and commitment to the series, as well as teamwork throughout the entirety. This League is built to engage returning climbers, foster new relationships, and build comradery in our community in a fun and safe environment.

League Schedule

The League will occur between Tuesday, October 24 and Wednesday, November 8. Climbers will be able to climb on one of the two days each week during our operational hours. They may climb on different days for different weeks.

Competition Dates

  • Week 1: October 24 and 25
  • Week 2: October 31 and November 1
  • Week 3: November 7 and 8

Each day will have open hours to climb from 3-9 p.m.


  • Students: $20
  • Faculty/staff: $30
  • Students from other universities: $40


The League will consist of teams of three working together to get the highest per-week score. You may register as a team of three, a duo, or a free agent. If you register as a duo or free agent, Outdoor Adventures will put together complete teams and notify individuals before the League begins.

Scoring System

The League will be using a scoring system based on each climber’s individual handicap or scoring level. League participants will identify their handicap (Average climbing difficulty) on the team registration form. Outdoor Adventures reserves the right to move climbers to different handicaps throughout the entirety of the League to ensure climbers are in their correct range.


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  • What is a handicap?

    Handicaps are defined as the hardest color level you can consistently climb in 2-4 attempts at Outdoor Adventures.

  • Why is the League using this progressive scoring system?

    Progressive scoring is used to challenge a climber no matter the difficulty they climb and to equitably distribute scores based on how the climber competes relative to their own level of climbing (color of difficulty).

  • Can I climb at different scoring levels than others on my team?

    Yes, your team can all have different scoring levels or all the same. Progressive scoring is a great way to level the playing field among climbers with varying ability levels and reward improvement and commitment to the League.

  • How much can I climb per week for the League?

    Outdoor Adventures will remain open for those not participating in the League this Fall. Because of this, we will have 3-5 routes per color designated to the League, leaving 3-5 routes of the same color for League climbers to attempt as routes not counted towards the League, as well as for those casually climbing and not competing.

    Each week of the League, there are two days that will be open for League climbing. Participants must pick one of those days to use and may not climb or count climbs on the other day of designated League climbing that week. This being said routes will be counted on each climber’s scorecard, so climbers may not climb the League routes without counting them towards their own League record. If a participant attempts to climb a League route on their non-designated Climbing League Day, they must count that day as their new designated League Day.

  • How will the team scoring work?

    We will take the final scores from each climber in the team and combine them for the total team score. This will be done at the end of each week set of League days. Whichever team has the most total points at the end of the third week will win the League.

Handicap Scoring Grid Example

Pink: Climber Scorecard
Pink Scorecard Points Flash Bonus Week 1
Orange 800 x 1.1
Pink 1000 x 1.1
Blue 1100 x 1.1
Black 1200 x 1.1
  Total Score:
Pink Scorecard Points Flash Bonus Week 2
Orange 800 x 1.1
Pink 1000 x 1.1
Blue 1100 x 1.1
Black 1200 x 1.1
  Total Score:
Pink Scorecard Points Flash Bonus Week 3
Orange 800 x 1.1
Pink 1000 x 1.1
Blue 1100 x 1.1
Black 1200 x 1.1
  Total Score: 

Raffle and Prizes

With the cost of registration, every participant in the league will receive an Outdoor Adventures hat, as well as a raffle ticket for various door prizes. With the support of PrAna, we will reward 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team finishers in the league. Place and door prizes are yet to be determined.