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IM Point Systems

Intramural Point System is a competition that runs through the entire academic year between various group of participants. There are point systems for IFC and Panhellenic Association teams, Residence Halls, and Independent teams. These groups will participate in Intramural events throughout the school year, from August to April, and earn points based on their team's performance. At the end of the year, we will declare winners for the following IFC Champions (PCUP), Panhellenic Champions (Pan Cup), Residence Hall Champions (Ibis Cup), and Independent Champions (Cane Cup.)

P-Cup Standings

Panhellenic Cup Standings

Ibis Cup Standings

Past Winners 

Past Cup Winners 

Pierri Award Winner

The Gerald J. Pierri '65 Read and Lead Award for Excellence in Academics and Intramural Sports Leadership 

The award of a $1,000 Scholarship shall go to a student who has a minimum 2.5 GPA; and holds an active leadership position within the Intramural or Club Sports program. 

2019: Jordan Austin


Past Winners


This is awarded to the team that encourages and demonstrates widespread participation in intramural sports. Their team members cooperate with and exhibit good sportsmanship toward members of the other team, spectators, officials, and IM Supervisors. The team also exhibits control over their spectators as well as being diplomatic with officials.

2018: Phi Delta Theta

Past Winners

Official Acknowledgments

Each year, Intramural Sports recognizes the top official and the most improved official. We also acknowledge an official of the week, the overall official and overall most improved official in each major sport sport (flag football, volleyball, soccer, 5 on 5 basketball, and kickball). The overall official of the year and most improved official are recognized at the end of the year awards.

Official of the Year

2018: Alex Pisarski

Most Improved Official

2018: Ashauni Frazier

Past Official Winners