Past Winners

The Herbert Wellness Center has been recognizing exceptional student employees since 1989.

Winners of Jack Kelsey Award for Outstanding Leadership

These employees have made a significant impact on campus life through their leadership roles and demonstrate leadership qualities within the Department and the University of Miami community.

2022 Gabriela Quarles Sales Supervisor
2021 Linda Rios Guevara Facility Manager
2020 Brian Tessicini Club Sports Office Assistant
2019 Joseph Bonner Facility Manager
2018 Madisen Liebl Intramural Supervisor
2017 Giselle Cruz Fitness Leader
2016 Brandon DeSousa Office Supervisor
2015 Ivan Anderson Intramural Supervisor
2014 Matthew Agnew Payroll Assistant
2013 Brenden Kollar Intramural Supervisor
2012 Tyson Greaves Fitness Leader
2011 Brandon Mitchell Office Supervisor
2010 Ricky Fernnadez Office Supervisor
2009 Ricky Fernandez Office Supervisor
2008 Jordan Miller Intramural Supervisor
2007 Melanie Alvarez Facility Supervisor
2006 Teeranani "Nong" Ovathansasin Facility Supervisor
2005 Teeranani "Nong" Ovathansasin Facility Supervisor
2004 Corrine Williams N/A
2003 Rick Prudhomme N/A
2002 Jennifer Haddock N/A
2001 Orestes Hernandez N/A
2000 Jennifer Chin N/A
1999 Geoff Burgess N/A
1998 Shauna Wuggazer N/A
1997 Emily Tims N/A
1996 Lee Cassel N/A
1995 Charles Judkins N/A
1994 Ann Casanova N/A
1993 Michael Nappi N/A
1993 Tracy Sides N/A
1992 Diedre Clonan N/A

Winners of Charlie Green Award for Outstanding Student Employee of the Year

These employees demonstrate exemplary job performance and are seen as role models for fellow students, consistently going above and beyond their assigned responsibilities.

2022 Matthew Mallon Facility Manager
2021 Michael Aaron McCune Facility Manager
2020 Nicole Johnston Facility Manager
2019 Ryan Murphy Fitness Leader
2018 Joseph Bonner Facility Supervisor
2017 Peyton Brailsford Facility Supervisor
2016 Daniel Rothwell Facility Supervisor
2015 Ashley Bartow Facility Supervisor
2014 Nicole McCullough Personal Trainer/Facility Supervisor
2013 Brian Van Cleave Office Supervisor
2012 Samuel Marti Facility Supervisor
2011 Josh Philippi Office Supervisor
2010 Janessa Gomez Payroll Supervisor
2009 Janessa Gomez Payroll Supervisor
2008 Kenneth Moran Facility Supervisor
2007 Melanie Alvarez Facility Supervisor
2006 Colin Summers Intramural Supervisor
2005 Mitch Reum N/A
2004 Caroline Mantel N/A
2003 Jerry Prieto N/A
2002 Robert Castro N/A
2001 Kawal Kaimchan N/A
2000 J-Me Booth N/A
1999 Andrew Paulsen N/A
1998 Jill Mahoney N/A
1997 Tony Vasquez N/A
1996 Becky Johnson N/A
1995 Sayeeda Monroe N/A
1994 Ruben Rodriguez N/A
1993 Cecil Stodghill N/A
1992 Cecil Stodghill N/A
1991 Kim Johnson N/A
1990 Tanya Alsberg N/A
1990 Bev Parsons N/A
1990 Kim Johnson N/A
1989 Lisa Fritz N/A

Winners of Lorraine Miller Award for Customer Service

These employees exhibit exceptional customer service at all times and show a strong commitment to creating a positive customer experience throughout the Herbert Wellness Center.

2022 Allison Kladler Outdoor Adventures Supervisor
2021 Elizabeth Granado Sales Representative
2020 Shalla Sorensen Facility Manager
2019 Daniella Sanchez Sales Supervisor/Marketing Assistant
2018 Emily Kobayashi Sales Supervisor
2017 Alize Ramirez-Canas Admin Supervisor
2016 Chiara Lazzereschi Sales Supervisor
2015 Brittany Rodriguez Facility Supervisor
2014 Emily Balter Office Supervisor
2013 Lazaro Nuñez Assistant Facility Supervisor
2012 Tom Bonan Sales Supervisor
2011 Kristen Vasquez Assistant Facility Supervisor
2010 Elena Fajardo Office Supervisor
2009 Joe Altiere Intramural Supervisor
2008 Laurie O'Connor Facility Supervisor
2007 Carla Marquina Office Supervisor
2006 Adrianna Brown Office Supervisor
2005 Lauren McLean N/A
2004 John Tallon N/A
2003 Doug Scheib N/A
2002 Kate Rogers N/A
2001 Krystal DePrinzio N/A
2000 Marla Grant N/A
1999 Mark Barbire N/A
1998 Alex Ottoneil Ramirez N/A

Winners of Soloman Graham Unsung Hero Award

These employees hold positions considered to be “behind the scenes” for the Department and continually exceed expectations, often with little supervision.

2022 Michael Moss Intramural Supervisor
2021 Matt Mallon Onboarding Assistant/Assistant Facility Manager
2020 Maria Echeveste Onboarding Supervisor
2019 Lauren Maingot Marketing Assistant
2018 Morgan Herrick Sales Supervisor
2017 Steven Masciale N/A
2016 Eric Xu Facility Supervisor
2015 Melanie Rivero Payroll Supervisor
2014 Elizabeth Kuebler Marketing Assistant
2013 Artie Salow PT & Fitness Leader
2012 Brian Van Cleave Office Assistant
2011 Alex Gonzalez Operations Supervisor
2010 Adedoyin Akinwole Intramural Supervisor
2009 Chris Rawlings Facility Supervisor
2008 Tatiana Torres Offce Supervisor
2007 Alex Arocha Assistant Facility Supervisor
2006 Clarice Duran Payroll Supervisor
2005 Elanie Lastra N/A
2004 Monica Mudyano N/A
2003 Sako Kamahara N/A
2002 Jerry Prieto N/A
2001 Carina De La Torre N/A
2000 Robert Castro N/A
2000 Marie Figuerdo N/A
1999 Ada Almonacid N/A
1999 J-Me Booth N/A
1999 Christian Drefuss N/A
1999 Oreo Hernandez N/A
1998 Cinderella Fernando N/A

Winners of Out of the Norm Award

These employees go out of their way to foster an environment of friendship, comradery and family among his or her fellow student employees.

2022 Sylvia Ortiz Facility Manager
2021 Ethan Murdock Fitness Leader
2020 Michael Barnett Fitness Leader
2019 Emilie Trudeau Facility Manager
2018 Michael Aaron McCune Facility Manager
2017 Lily Hutchinson Fitness Leader
2016 Emelyn Dure Grad Student