Student Employee Engagement Program

Student Employee Engagement Program Student Employee Engagement Program
Our goal is to foster an environment of engagement and involvement by rewarding our student employees for going the extra mile.


The Top 10 student employees will be recognized at the end of each month. 

Who to nominate 

  • An employee providing excellent assistance and great service  


  • Unlimited amount of nominations per month 
  • Only professional staff can submit nominations directly but students are able to speak to their supervisors
  • Professional staff is encouraged to look beyond their own staff when submitting nominations. ( This allows for students to get to know you and vice versa)    

Who can nominate

  • A professional staff member can nominate any student regardless of the area they work in.
  • Student employees can nominate other students by informing their supervisor who will then submit the nomination on their behalf.  

When to nominate

  • Nominations will be accepted at the beginning of each month and 25 days after.
  • If nominations occur after the set time, they will be used towards the next month. 

How to nominate

  • Send an email to with the student name and why they deserve recognition  
  • Submit a nomination slip in the Top 10 box located in the admin office next to payroll.