Battle of the Boulders

Battle of the Boulders is a redpoint-style competition where competitors will be permitted six hours to climb as many different routes as they can within the allotted time.

There are three divisions: Men’s/Women’s Beginner, Men's Women's Intermediate, and Men’s/Women’s Open. The top three scorers in the Beginner and Intermediate divisions receive prizes, while the top five competitors in the Open division will compete in a finals round with the top three finishers receiving prizes. 

Participants will self-select their division, however, Outdoor Adventures reserves the right to change a climber to a higher division if they exceed the expectations for their chosen division.

Competition Dates

  • February 15 or 16 from 3-9 p.m.: Redpoint rounds (must compete on one of the two nights, only allowed to compete in one of the two nights)
  • February 18: Open division finals


  • Students: $20
  • Faculty/staff: $25
  • Students from other universities: $35



Rules and Scoring

  • Competitors declare their intention to attempt a route by handing their scorecard to the judge who will call competitors in order of the scorecards received.
  • Competitors or judges may not give “Beta,” (advice) to a competitor while another competitor is attempting the route. Beta may be given to a competitor between attempts if asked.
  • The climber must have full control (2 second hold on start hold/holds, and 2 second hold on final hold/holds) over the start hold(s) with their feet off the ground to start a route. The climber is finished with a boulder problem when they demonstrate control of the final handhold, fall, or use an off-route hold.
  • A climber may call a technical incident. A technical incident occurs when the climber’s progress is impeded by some external event (i.e., loose hold, etc.).
  • Upon completing a route, the judge will award the appropriate number of points and note this on the scorecard.
  • A one (1) is marked in the attempt’s column when a competitor flashes the route. They will receive a 10% flash bonus.
  • The climber must turn in their scoresheet to a judge before leaving after their climbing session. The final score consists of the climber’s top five (5) route scores.