University of Miami Esports Teams

University of Miami selects a number of Esports teams to compete against other universities. These teams are not affiliated with University of Miami Athletics. There are open applications, selection criteria and try-out processes for enrolled students to earn a spot on each team.

There are also opprtonutines for those who are interested in joining our stream team for shoutcasting, streaming, production, and creative content. If you are interested in joining, please visit us on our UM Dicsord and fill out an interest form.


League of Legends

League of Legends – This is an offense/defense-based team game played from a third-person perspective. Players assume roles that control characters, or “champions,” in the game. 
Rating: T – Teen | Roster Size: 8


Rocket League

Rocket League –  The game involves vehicles in teams of three “bumping” a large soccer ball across the field to score in the opponent’s goal.
Rating: E – Everyone | Roster Size: 8



Valorant – The game takes place on a near-future Earth and features a cast of characters known as Agents, each of which have their own unique set of abilities to create tactical opportunities. Players are divided into two teams, Attackers and Defenders, with the goal of winning the most rounds. In order to win a round, a team must eliminate the opposing team or complete their team-specific Spike objective.
Rating: T - Teen | Roster Size: 8