Instructional Clinics

Tents on grass overlooking Indian River Tents

Our instructional clinics will be taught on and off campus and cover the technical side of many of the adventure sports we have in Outdoor Adventures. Clinics will cover topics such as:

  • Backcountry & car camping cooking
  • Climbing clinics for technique and movement training
  • Gear use, maintenance, & repair
  • Surfing and stand up paddling skills

Current clinics are listed below and can also be found in our Wellness Member Portal.  Be sure to check out instructional videos by our Outdoor Adventures student team on our YouTube channel and Instagram. 

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  • Group Climbing Classes for All Levels

    Climbing coaching sessions followed by practice with feedback and coaching. These sessions will help participants learn more about how to use climbing holds, different techniques that take advantage of natural biomechanics, and some training tips for practicing on your own. People new to climbing through advanced climbers will benefit from the customized nature of these small group classes.

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  • 1-on-1 Climbing Coaching

    1-on-1 climbing coaching sessions are individualized to suit your needs. These sessions will also include evaluations by our coaches to better help you understand what to work on to improve your climbing. Great for all levels, but particularly for those trying to get more comfortable on the blue problems and break into consistently climbing the black and white problems.

    Sessions are scheduled with your individual coach and last 90 minutes. Please complete this information form prior to your session.

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  • Plan Your Adventures Series


    These clinics will complement the Plan Your Adventures section of our website to help you learn about the resources that are available and how to use them to plan awesome Adventures.

    Series topics will include:
    • Nautical Charts & Paddling Routes
    • Planning a Great Camping Trip
    • Menu Planning and Camp Cooking
    • How to Sleep Flat in a Hammock
    Nautical Charts & Paddling Routes
    In this clinic we will cover:
    • How and where to find several types of nautical charts
    • What information can be found on different styles of charts
    • How to read various charts
    With that knowledge we will then transfer our new skills to plan several types of kayak or stand up paddleboard trips based on:
    • Different group or paddler experience levels
    • Types of boards or boats
    • Weather conditions